Understanding your reactions puts you in the drivers seat

When you understand what your reactions are trying to achieve, they point to the parts of your Mind, which need attention.

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‘Adrienne’ came to me and said she had problems dealing with her boyfriend when he was in a bad mood. Should she try and just be understanding, and what should she do with the feelings of uncertainty and anger that she also struggled with ?I asked her what part she most wanted to deal with and she said the uncertainty. Part of her judged this as foolish and getting in the way of her desire to be competent and strong.


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‘David’ put a lot of pressure on himself to please other people. He got very upset when they weren’t happy with him. Only when he was empowered, to listen into this part, did he discover it went back to the days when he went away to school very young, and was desperately afraid and insecure.


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Why Scientists don’t get consciousness…

I spent twenty years teaching children excluded from school - mostly boys in their early teens - with thick files, police records, and usually a psychiatric diagnosis. As a home tutor supposedly able to teach Design and Technology, I carried a large blue laundry bag full of Technic Lego. Most of my pupils recalled almost nothing from school, and had

Exploring Consciousness

This article is an adaptation of a talk I gave at a conference in India….it starts off with a sensing exercise, which the reader may or may not wish to do. Read it here or watch on YouTube:https://youtu.be/6zeGuJK9J7Y Sense into the temperature, shape and weight of your right foot; are you able to sense your foot directly and immediately?  or a

Sometimes a cigarette is just a cigarette…

Albert Low was a Zen master based in Canada, who I had the honour of corresponding with. His essay reprinted here cuts through so many of the dilemmas we are paralysed by in the modern world. “So, what is it then?” We were sitting on the top deck of a London double-decker bus peering at a cigarette “Um, a cigarette,” she offered. We had only