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How psychotherapy helps to heal

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The way I work with psychotherapy is to help you focus inside on the reaction you want to change. We often spend our life trying desperately to ignore or get rid of our unwanted reactions. The relationship we form with them, and the resultant frustration, leaks into our feelings about ourself and can make us feel secretly worthless.
As you focus on the reaction – you may experience it as an image, or a thread of thoughts – you can begin (with my help) to find out directly from it, what it is attempting to achieve. You may be surprised to discover that it is actually working very hard on what it believes is your behalf.
Two Case Studies
1. ‘David’ put a lot of pressure on himself to please other people. He got very upset when they weren’t happy with him. Only when he was empowered, to listen into this part, did he discover it went back to the days when he went away to school very young… Read more about David…
2. ‘Adrienne’ came to me and said she had problems dealing with her boyfriend when he was in a bad mood. Should she try and just be understanding, and what should she do with the feelings of uncertainty and anger that she also struggled with? Read more about Adrienne…
All of us have parts like these two, that have been locked out, and are desperate to be heard. Once they feel that the person’s Self really understands what happened and appreciates how bad it was, they can relax. In this unburdening, the parts are released from the extreme roles they have been forced into, and begin to trust in Self-leadership.
IFS therapy involves you learning how to distinguish the parts from your self; to really listen to your parts and understand them, so they learn to trust the real you, and give up the feelings and beliefs they have been carrying from the past.
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