Riding the waves of the Mind…

Uncategorised Oct 24, 2019

As we all know, it is so easy to be lost in the movies that go on in consciousness, and to feel hopeless – so I paste in below the Buddha’s words on how consciousness (just like a real movie) is made up of many states that are all arising and ceasing. Seeing this makes all the difference – states will actually dissolve, if you can ride the wave down into the ocean….Waves by their very nature are arising and ceasing – but we become blind to this when we are lost in thoughts, which can reify our mind…
Middle Length Discourses 38
‘This has come to be.
 It comes to be from that nutriment
 With the cessation of that nutriment,
 what has come to be is subject to cessation.
_do you see this ?
_does doubt arise when uncertain about this?
_is doubt abandoned in one who sees this as it actually is with proper wisdom ?
_are you free from doubt about this ?
_has it been well seen by you as it actually is with proper wisdom ?
Purified and bright as this view is,
If you adhere to it, cherish it,
treasure it, and treat it as a possession,
would you then understand that
the Dhamma  has been taught
as similar to a raft,
being for the purpose of crossing over,
 not for the purpose of grasping ?
No, venerable Sir.’