Award as ‘best integrative psychotherapist in South London’

Uncategorised Oct 24, 2019

I dont quite know what to make of this, but ‘Global Health & Pharma’ have informed me they have awarded me the title of the best integrative psychotherapist in South London. Make of this what you will – a psychotherapists website is a mixture of a platform to reach out to the world (to you!), and a duty of care…
“Thank you for taking part in the Mental Health Awards 2017, hosted by GHP. We have had an over whelming response from a wealth of amazing mental health care leaders, and it is with great pleasure and excitement that I can inform you that you have been successful!
Bruce Stevenson has been awarded Best Integrative Psychotherapist – South London
Industry awards are proven to enhance your credibility, promote morale and increase both your market share and client retention.
Finding out about the good news is just the beginning, regardless of budget it is our aim at GHP to help keep the impetus going, expand your brand reach and importantly, boost your influence as a respected industry leader.
Every winner in the Mental Health Awards is entitled to receive the complimentary, which comprises the official press release and inclusion in the online winners’ list.”
“Global Health & Pharma
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